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Allan's extensive experience in the outdoors has given him a greater insight into foot care and general first aid for bushwalkers and adventurers. Due to these experiences and Allan's extensive knowledge in remote area first aid has been instrumental in preparing a document on Snake Bite First Aid (click on the image below). Allan is a qualified snake handler with Wildcare, our local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group, and is one of the instructors for the snake handling course at the end of each year. He is also a former NSW Remote Area First Aid Instructor/Examiner for St John Ambulance. 


Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare sells specialist snake bite bandages by SurePress at $22.00 each (plus postage). These bandages come with small rectangles printed on them to ensure you are not bandaging the area too tightly. Once the rectangles become squares, the bandage has been correctly applied. Please email Jane if you are interested in purchasing one or more.

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Snake Bike First Aid.jpg
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